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Address your journey's carbon emissions by supporting the most impactful climate projects around the world.
Experience the world by car at your own leisure.

Driving is the best way to see the world at your own pace. We work with over 100 car rental suppliers to offer services in over 8,000 cities in almost 200 countries and regions to serve you no matter where you go. We offer car rentals around the world at a competitive price and provide multilingual customer service. There are just three simple steps to book online: 1. Select your car; 2. Enter driver information; 3. Submit the booking. After that, you’re well on your way to exploring new roads!

As a Copolo traveler, you can always opt to offset your carbon footprint and change the way you travel. All travelers who offset their journey will receive a certificate recognizing that their travel footprint has been climate compensated. Copolo will also provide a post-purchase experience to enable its customers to claim, track, and engage with the positive impact they create, providing complete transparency.

Thank you for being a part of the change with Copolo!